How You Can Help


Your help is essential to build a future where the communities and nature can flourish in a region protected by all.

Our financing comes from committed human beings who align their values ​​and resources for the benefit of the protection of the Amazon and the world, aiming to leave a habitable planet as an inheritance for future generations.

Promote the protection of the Amazonian territories

Donations are essential to fulfill our mission: walking together towards a resilient future.

Permanent contributions help us maintain the Amazon as a living and autonomous organism, with support of the ancestral knowledge and practices of indigenous peoples.

Become a Volunteer

We would love it if you could be part of our team and support us in protecting the Amazonian territories. Let us know at attach a motivation letter with reasons why you want to be a volunteer, your time availability, and the program in which you are interested in participating.

Become a protector of the Amazon and of the world

Work With Us

We base ourselves on the principles of cooperation and harmony of the indigenous peoples with whom we collaborate to support the conservation of Amazonian territories.

Our work is becoming more and more urgent. In this section, we will publish opportunities to support forest conservation, combat climate change, and work on solutions for a universal future.