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Letter from our President

Upon celebrating the 25th anniversary of Fundación Pachamama, emotions, moments, places, and stories come to my mind; most of them fantastic, which take place in the Amazon for the most part, as well as others that take place in the country, in the region, and in the world.

During this period, we have been part of commanding and significant achievements for the rights of Amazonian communities and nature; together with indigenous organizations, academics, unions, lawyers, and politicians. We have developed projects that respond to challenges that extractive activities pose, creating economic opportunities for the indigenous families that protect ancestral territories and the living forest.

I am happy for the 25 years to come because I can picture forests preserved and restored, healthy river systems, jaguars and boas roaming forests and rivers, and together with them, powerful and protective spirits present. I dream of happy communities full of celebrations with yuca chicha, mokawas full of plantains, and maito. I see vanilla, morete, guayusa, and cacao products on the racks of the world generating income for families. I see children playing in the clean rivers. I can feel the early mornings of guayusa and interpretations of intact, immovable, and invincible dreams.

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Belén Paez

President of Fundación Pachamama

María Belén Páez


Master in Ecology and Climate Change, member of the Science Panel for the Amazon, and award-winner among the 100 most committed Latinos to climate action in 2021. A leader in advocacy and strategy of climate policy and nature rights. “I firmly believe in the miracle of the regeneration of natural systems, decarbonized economies, and the rebellion of social movements.”

Javier Félix


Has been working with Fundación Pachamama for thirteen years, coordinating programs and projects in favor of the conservation of forests and indigenous territories. He currently holds the position of Executive Director; thus, ratifying his commitment to building a sustainable future for the Amazon, based on local solutions and a joint vision.

Eduardo Pichilingue


Cultural manager and Ecologist with thirty years of experience on environmental issues, dedicating twenty years to promoting the rights of the indigenous peoples and nationalities of the Amazon of Ecuador and Peru. Expert on Isolated Indigenous Peoples.

Narcisa Mashienta

Ikiama Nukuri Program Coordinator

Shuar leader and activist, Narcisa has dedicated her life to improving maternal and infant health in the Achuar and Shuar Amazonian territories. She works with local and national indigenous leaders to implement the Ikiama Nukuri program and coordinates the work of 84 community health promoters trained through the program.

Elizabeth Bedoya

Ikiama Nukuri Program Assistant

She has been working for four years, supporting the administrative efforts of the Ikiama Nukuri program. She is passionate about maternal and child health while fighting for the rights of indigenous women, children and youth, and nature.

Benito Bonilla

Advisor in Political Communication

Activist and communicator, he has worked on protecting nature and defending human rights in Ecuador and the region. He is the founder and director of the TEGANTAI Agency for Ecological Information. Mr. Bonilla has collaborated with organizations such as Acción Ecológica and YASunidos. He dreams of an Amazon free of extractive activities.

Daniela Álvarez

Digital Communication Manager

She is passionate about putting her knowledge at the service of nature, as well as about the preservation of the environment and the support of indigenous communities. Living in different countries has allowed her to discover her voracious curiosity, questioning, and non-conformist nature. It makes her happy to be part of an organization that is a transformation agent.

Pablo Balarezo

Coordinator of the Forest Economies Program

Passionate about the Amazon, its culture, and biodiversity. A technician with experience in bio-economics, sustainable ventures, vanilla value chain, food sovereignty, added value, resilience to climate change, and gender. Twenty-year experience accompanying Amazonian producers.

Rodrigue Gehot

Advisor to the Forest Economies Program

Of Belgian Nationality, he holds a bachelor’s in Political Science and a master’s in Environmental Science. He is actively involved in regenerative solutions for a socio-ecological transition. He has collaborated with the foundation for three years with great enthusiasm and continuous learning. He is in favor of the biocultural solutions of the Amazonian communities.

Diana Mora

Advisor to the Forest Economies Program and Open Government Platforms

With a bachelor’s in International Relations, Ms. Mora is currently a Master’s candidate in Political Ecology and Alternatives for Development from UASB. She supports the development of projects for the conservation of nature in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Knowing that there is a viable alternative and sustainable future move toward the ecological transition is what inspires her.

Eduardo Molina


Mr. Molina has worked with The Fundación Pachamama since 2016, managing administrative and financial operations. He has ten years of experience as a tax expert and in general accounting focused on international standards. It inspires him to meet, see, and work towards a better future for the Amazon and its people.

Paola Herrera

Development and Administration Advisor

Ms. Herrera studied Ecotourism at USFQ. She has 20 years of experience in the tourism industry. At The Fundación Pachamama, she is in charge of organizing the agenda of the President, coordinating the logistics of ecotourism projects, and assisting in the Sacred Headwaters Alliance. Her first internship was at Kapawi Ecolodge, an experience that stayed in her heart.

Carla Guevara

Programs Advisor

A graduate in Sociology from the UCE. Founder of Colectiva Sacha Warmi and member of the Grupo de Referencia de la Sociedad Civil of the Spotlight Initiative. She was part of the management team of gender-focused projects at the Fundación Warmi Amazónica. Since 2021, she has collaborated with Fundación Pachamama in several different projects.

Joel Koupermann


He is a geographical engineer with a Master’s in Earth Sciences from the University of Utrecht, Netherlands, with more than ten years of experience in the field. He is committed to and inspired by nature, the Amazonian nationalities, their worldview of autonomous processes, and territorial defense. Joel is interested in science, GIS, and Remote Sensing.

Isabela Morelli

Technical Advisor for the Ikiama Nukuri Program

Passionate about developing women’s equality, Isabela is committed to working on offering women access to education, health care, and rights. She works for Ikiama Nukuri, advising on processes from formulation to implementation, ensuring indigenous women in the Ecuadorian Amazon have access to education and health services.

Cristina Melo

Legal Advisor and Advisor for the Nature and Human Rights Program

A human rights lawyer committed to defending and promoting the rights of nature and climate justice. Her work focuses on the paradigm shift towards rights-based sustainability.


Atossa Soltani

Director of Global Strategy of the Sacred Headwaters Initiative

Founder and President of Amazon Watch, Atossa co-founded “Artists for the Amazon” in 2019. In recognition of her life work as an advocate for tropical forests and indigenous rights, she was named a Global Laureate in 2013 by the Hillary Institute for her leadership in climate matters. She is a member and contributing author of the Science Panel for the Amazon.

Domingo Peas

Senior Advisor to Indigenous Organizations

The Achuar indigenous leader from Ecuador. Former vice president of CONFENIAE and former vice president of Achuar Nationality of Ecuador. Mr. Peas works with environmental conservation proposals to keep oil and minerals underground and build a post-extractive society.

Patricia Gualinga

Senior Advisor

A historical leader of the Kichwa People of Sarayaku, Ms. Gualinga has played a fundamental role in defending the rights of her people before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. She was awarded the Olof Palme Prize in 2021. She now leads the Amazon Women’s Collective and is a Senior Advisor to Fundación Pachamama.

Mario Melo

Legal Advisor and Senior Advisor of the Human and Nature Rights Program

For the past 25 years, Mario has been working in the defense and promoting the rights of the Amazonian peoples at a national and international level. He has served as a lawyer for the Kichwa People of Sarayaku, the Tagaeri-Taromenane case, and other victims before the Inter-American Human Rights System. He currently holds the position of Senior Advisor at the Fundación and is the Dean of the PUCE School of Law.

Juan Carlos García

Senior Bioeconomy and Ecotourism Advisor

Juan Carlos has led various programs for national and international NGOs for over twenty years. In 2005, he established a tour operator to promote tourism as a driver for conservation. Mr. Garcia also specializes in creating companies founded on the sustainable use of biodiversity, including the Amazonian vanilla.

Natalia Greene

Senior Advisor on Rights of Nature and Climate Change

A political scientist and specialist in Climate Change, Nati promoted recognizing natural rights in the Constitution of Ecuador. She was a consultant for the Yasuní-ITT Initiative and is currently the coordinator of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature and a member of its Executive Committee. She is vice president of CEDENMA and a member of the technical team of the Sacred Headwaters Alliance.

Kasak Callera

Senior Advisor

Motivated by community development, education, and ecology, he supported the development of the electronic Achuar dictionary by working with the Ministry of Education. He created the Directorate of Intercultural Education for his people. He was a member of the Amazonian Indigenous Parliament and participated in several international projects of the United Nations.

Jerónimo Calderón

Senior Advisor on Transitions and Systemic Collaboration

He is exploring how to learn from nature to redefine the transformation of systems, how to follow the example of indigenous peoples to protect the Sacred Headwaters and how to co-create a participatory fund for systemic change, and how to translate traditions of ancestral wisdom to the modern world.