What We Do


We support programs that promote the preservation of life on the planet

Our goal is to preserve tropical forests and develop a regenerative system. With the enormous work of the team, we create ambitious initiatives that promote the protection of the rights of nature and the recognition of the worldview of indigenous nationalities.

These programs were created to preserve the lives of all of us inhabiting the planet, and this starts from the heart of the Amazon jungle.


The Sacred Headwaters Alliance (ASHI)

This program was born in 2017, after the urgent call of nationalities and indigenous peoples of Ecuador and Peru to permanently protect biodiversity and Amazonian territories within a megadiverse bio-corridor of approximately 35 million hectares. At ASHI, we work on implementing a bioregional plan that presents concrete, realistic, viable, and scalable alternatives to the climate, economic, and social crisis we are going through.
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We strengthen and amplify the collective voices of indigenous women to improve the maternal, infant, and reproductive health of the nationalities that inhabit the Ecuadorian Amazon. We promote their empowerment and the protection of their rights against problems such as domestic violence, inequality, and lack of access to health services.
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We work to consolidate and promote innovative economic initiatives, based on the use of local biodiversity, to dignify the lives of Amazonian peoples, contribute to food sovereignty, and strengthen the economic rights of communities.
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Human and Nature Rights

We contribute to developing national and regional jurisprudence to guarantee the progressivity of human rights and the rights of nature. We identify emblematic cases of violations of these rights to design solid legal strategies that allow litigation to last in national and international courts of justice.
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Forests and Territory

We develop actions that protect the Amazonian ecosystem through initiatives that promote advocacy against national public policy, participation in discussion spaces on forests, and national and international climate change.
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Indigenous Organizational Strengthening

We strengthen the processes of self-determination and governance in indigenous peoples and nationalities from a holistic vision; in which “Well-Being” (Sumak Kawsay), the collective rights of nature, and the harmony of the human being are all considered the axis with your environment.
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