Forest Economies


Sustainable solutions and promotion of bio-entrepreneurship in the Amazon region

The objective of the Forest Economies Program is to accompany and promote bio-enterprises in the Amazon region whose essence is the sustainable and regenerative use of Amazonian biodiversity; and the search for economically viable and sustainable solutions for community well-being.

Forest Economies and its natural resources vision.

Air, water, the cosmos, biodiversity, and soil build the genealogy of a society. For Amazonian peoples, these factors represent the networks that sustain communities and provide them with life.

Its conservation is fundamental to the environmental and social stability of the world. From this vision, these factors are not natural resources that are exploited to extract wealth for economic purposes; they are common raw goods that are respected, and only what is necessary is collected from them.

The effects of extractive industries

For more than fifty years, Amazonian peoples have cohabited with the environmental impact of oil fields in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

In their vision of economic growth and fuel supply for the societies of the modern world, extractive industries cause lethal effects on the life of ecosystems; this is how they pollute their rivers, destroy their food sources, and damage the health of the forests and other Amazonian territories.

For this reason, and to generate employment and sources of local economic income for the people who inhabit this region, we promote the creation of bio-enterprises that provide lucrative solutions for alternative development in communities; respecting and recognizing the rights of the collective and nature.


To create and make this program possible, we rely on strategic alliances under cooperation agreements with universities, parish, municipal and provincial GADS; in addition to associations of experienced producers who have their products in national and international markets and private companies with high social and environmental responsibility.