The Chakra Arajuno Project


The Chakra Arajuno Project

Funded by The French Development Agency

General Objective

Ensure the continuity of production processes through the management and strengthening of agrobiodiversity and the creation of local added value to the products of ancestral sustainable production.



Economically reactivate the Arajuno region post-COVID, based on the consolidation of the Chakra Amazonian Traditional Agro-productive System and the creation of local added value and market integration of its products.


The products we support are based on medicinal plants, bananas, cassava, white cacao ,and edible mushrooms.



  • Innovation Fund (GIZ)
  • GAD Arajuno Región
  • Ikiam University
  • Polytechnic State University of Carchi (UPEC)
  • Central University of Ecuador
  • MAG Pastaza
  • Wiñak Association
  • GAD Provincial de Pastaza

Target group

200 people