Aja Shuar Tuutinentza


The Aja Shuar Tuutinentza Project

Funded by PROAmazonía

General Objective

Strengthen the value chain of non-timber forest products under the Aja system, in the Shuar community of Tuutinentza in the Taisha region of Morona Santiago.



With the help of the “Programa Integral Amazónico de Conservación de Bosques y Producción Sostenible” (PROAmazonía), we support people in the Aja Shuar of the Tuutinentza community, from a sustainable and regenerative way; in the productive processes that take place in community forests. In this way, we will avoid the expansion of activities that generate increasingly irreversible environmental and socio-cultural effects, such as cattle raising, clearing of forests, and monocultures.


The products developed are handmade soaps made from turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, peanut shell, sacha inchi oil, tsekemur and “dragon’s blood”.



  • PROAmazonía
  • GAD Parroquial Tuutinentza
  • Kallari Association
  • Wiñak Association
  • Parochial Board of Tuutinentza

Target Group

400 people


Protected Area of the Forest

3000 hectares of the community forest.