Forests and Territory


We participate in several tables and platforms at the national and international level on Forests and Climate Change to contribute and influence public policies to reduce deforestation in Ecuador, to be an active and proactive part of the discussions at a global level of highly relevant issues, and to share experiences that arise from the region and the territory and influence climate and forest negotiations.

We seek an understanding of the impact of climate justice in the negotiations at the national and international level, specifically carbon mechanisms and markets, as well as other ecosystem services. We are working on innovative and non-speculative alternatives that improve conditions for indigenous peoples and nationalities in the short, medium, and long term; thus, supporting the conservation of the tropical forest.

We work with indigenous organizations, communities, and civil society organizations to influence: at the political and legal level in local and national instances, in the face of pressures and threats in indigenous territories, based on territorial monitoring, political incidence, and communication strategies. In this context, we also contribute to the generation of capacities of indigenous organizations with tools and methods that allow efficient monitoring of the territory.

Work Table REDD+

Actions for the Amazon

Environmental Education Consultation Council of Pastaza


Escazú Accord Promoter Group

Technical Table of National and International Cooperation of the Pastaza Province

Vanilla Table LAB

Table of Non-Wood Forest Products

Participation in discussion spaces on forests and national and international climate change

We participate in various international events within the framework of the United Nations to bring discussions and issues from the regional and territorial experience to generate value to global conversations on urgent affairs; such as the loss of forests, climate change, and climate finance. We do it by counting and analyzing all the financial resources in Ecuador thanks to international cooperation and other climate-focused funds that must be transparent and located mainly in indigenous communities and territories.

Los espacios en los que participamos son los siguientes:

  • Climate Summit
  • Biodiversity Summit
  • Oslo Forests Forum
  • Task Force of Climate Governors
  • Climate finance platform
  • SDSN Amazon
  • SPA Amazon Scientific Panel

Territorial Information Management

Fundación Pachamama has always worked in the territorial sphere, supporting and accompanying indigenous peoples and nationalities in titling their territories, elaborating on life plans, and defending territorial management. We know the importance of managing information responsibly in understanding socio-environmental dynamics to respond to complex questions and needs that provide inputs for decision-making in all areas.

We provide technical support to our allies and strategic partners in territorial management and monitoring processes in the face of the different pressures and threats that threaten the biodiversity and organization of Amazonian communities. The training and strengthening of the capacities of technicians and territorial monitors of the various organizations are our priority to accompany the processes of self-determination of peoples and nationalities to support the construction of tools for territorial management from the framework of their autonomy and worldview.

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