Human Rights and Rights of Nature


We work on designing and executing political, judicial, and educational advocacy strategies to strengthen the promotion and guarantee of human rights and the rights of nature; nationally and internationally.

We support the peoples, communities, and indigenous nationalities of the Amazon in defending their territories and collective rights through our legal assistance. We generate incidence processes for the strengthening of democracy and the guarantee of rights.

Strategic Litigation

We accompany victims and rights defenders searching for truth, justice, and reparation. We sponsor cases with high impact at the national and international levels to generate systematic changes that promote the full validity of human rights and the rights of nature.

Training and Strengthening of Rights Capabilities

To strengthen the capacities of the indigenous organizations of the Ecuadorian Amazon and their government councils, we created a plan:

Training in rights and justice.

Training in rights and justice.

Workshops on democracy and strengthening of governance systems.

Workshops on democracy and strengthening of governance systems.

Leadership, incidence, and communication.

Leadership, incidence, and communication.

We give permanent support to the Organizational Political Training School for leaders of young defenders of the forest, an initiative promoted by CONFENIAE.


Through the global open government initiative, we seek to promote spaces that strengthen democracy in local governments in the Amazon region.

We design capability-building projects on Open Government, strengthening transparency and public participation in decision-making, and developing permanent anti-corruption and accountability mechanisms.

Impact processes


Incidence on the entry into force and promotion of the Escazú Agreement, within the Grupo Impulsor Escazú Ahora! Ecuador


Follow-up on managing the Technical Secretariat and the Civil Society Group of EITI Ecuador.


Presentations participation in Climate Finance Strategy and Sustainable Finance Index of Ecuador.


Participation in the World Movement for Democracy.


Participation in the Platform Against the Environment.


Impact with the candidates for the presidency of Ecuador.


Participation in the REDD+ Working Group.


In 2008, we actively supported the inclusion of both collective and environmental rights in the Constituent Assembly of Montecristi. Our advocacy efforts for the recognition of the rights of nature led Ecuador to become the first country in the world to recognize nature as a subject of rights. Now, 37 countries across the world also recognize and work towards conservation of their ecosystems.

Since then, we have worked constantly on the implementation of more norms towards the protection and recognition of the rights of nature, through publicity campaigns, educational processes, articulation with civil society and strategic litigation in favor of collective rights and environmental rights.

Ecuador has now more than 56 cases related ro rights of nature compiled in the Legal Observatory for the Rights of Nature.

Fundación Pachamama is one of the founding organizations of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature.; Since 2010, the alliance has welcomed more than 1400 organizations from 100 countries around the world.