Ikiama Nukuri


Women Defenders of the Forest

Ikiama Nukuri is an intercultural health program created in 2006 to solve the problems of maternal and infant morbidity and mortality within the Achuar and Shuar territories.

Our work focuses on empowering women to become community health promoters, so they can in turn, provide safe and culturally appropriate maternity care to pregnant women.

The mission of Ikiama Nukuri is to improve the maternal, infant, and reproductive health of the indigenous nationalities of the Amazon; and as a consequence, strengthen and amplify the collective voices of women.

¿Who are the women that we serve?

Since 2013, we have trained 69 women who work in the 16 associations of the Achuar territory. In 2019, the program extended to the Shuar territory, where 18 promoters who work in the Macuma area were trained.

The community health promoters conduct prenatal visits, assist with childbirth, offer postpartum care, and facilitate the connection between the Amazonian women and the public health system.

  • 53promoters working in the associations of the Achuar territory.
  • 16promoters working in the 11 associations of the Macuma area.
  • 2000pregnancies handled by our Ikiama Nukuri program.
  • 5000safe delivery kits delivered to indigenous women.
  • 37.5%coverage of associations in the parish of Macuma.
  • 77%coverage in communities in the Achuar territory.

Coverage of the Promoters

  • The promoters of the Achuar sector are present in 100% of the associations within 80% of the communities.
  • The promoters of the Shuar sector are present in 50% of the associations.