Gender Equity and Intrafamily Violence

Supporting women’s leadership strengthens systemic change and improves the health of communities.

Working collectively with indigenous women to improve their health and well-being not only empowers and amplifies the voices of indigenous Amazonian peoples, it also transforms the rest of society. This is because the health and well-being of Achuar and Shuar women and their future generations are critical issues of social justice. This support guarantees the health and survival of the Amazon.

Political Participation and Empowerment

Representation of women in the local leadership of indigenous communities.

The most evident result of female empowerment and leadership representation came in the 2015 Achuar Congress elections, when Isabel Wisum; one of the first health promoters in Ikiama Nukuri; was elected vice president.

That moment marked the beginning of women’s political participation in the Amazon territory.



Evaluation, Training and Strengthening

Ikiama Nukuri trains indigenous women to work as maternal health experts in their communities. As Fundación Pachamama, we take a holistic approach in the training we create; and our workshops support maternal health and related community problem-solving.

We have workshops that prioritize safe childbirth, the fight against malnutrition, the identification of pregnancy and childbirth risks, the examination of newborns, family planning, multicultural medical care, the use of natural medicine, and the prevention of sexual infections; as well as the solution of conflicts and problems in indigenous communities, the empowerment of indigenous women, and the prevention of intrafamily violence.