Objectives and Strategic Components



Flourishing and prosperity of the Amazonian peoples and ecosystems

This initiative offers an exceptional opportunity to create and demonstrate an economic model that ushers in a new post-extractive era, protecting the heart of our planet’s entire biosphere and improving the well-being of humanity.


Strategies for a Post-COVID Recovery

Guaranteed strategies described by a paradigm shift through an ecological and social justice agreement (universal basic income, foreign debt relief, support for an international treaty on the non-proliferation of fossil fuels, among others).


Through keeping extractive industries outside the limits of the Sacred Headwaters through alliances between states, companies, indigenous organizations, civil society, and financial institutions.


Strengthening the indigenous governance over their lands and territories

The conclusion of the legalization of eight million hectares in indigenous territories between Peru and Ecuador, strengthening the indigenous governance over their lands.


Ensuring the “Well-Being” in the Amazon

Improving the living conditions of the Amazon populations while preserving the local biodiversity and culture.


Prioritizing the preservation and restoration of the richly biodiverse Amazon forest

Ensuring the conservation of 20 million hectares of unprotected tropical forests of high biodiversity in Ecuador and Peru, and the restoration of 8.7 million hectares of rainforest is necessary to maintain the connectivity of the Andean Amazonian landscape.


The creation of a fund for the Sacred Headwaters

Managing and ensuring the welfare and well-being of the Amazonian peoples and ecosystems in collaboration with indigenous organizations, civil society, governments, and the socially responsible private sector.